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Autism 101 ( Comprehensive Course )

This Online Course Includes:

  • 9 self-paced lessons covering the most important topics

  • Bite-sized video overviews for each lesson

  • Comprehensive PDF resource to come back to as a reference

  • Links to further reading and external resources

Some of the things you will learn:

✓ A holistic person-centered understanding of autism

✓ Valuable insight into how autistic people feel

✓ How to understand challenging behaviour

✓ Strategies to detect and manage anxiety

✓ Ways to improve social and learning difficulties

✓ Solutions that integrate with the rest of your family

✓ How to advocate for your child

✓ Confidence to trust your own judgement

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Autism 101: For Busy Parents is a comprehensive, self-paced online course combining academic research, and information in an easily understandable and summarised format with Paul's unique insight into growing up, developing and celebrating his autistic identity.


Each topic has a short 10 minute video and a comprehensive notes package for you to go through in your own time, with practical tips rather than an assessment.It is a fantastic course for all parents, even those who are considerably well advanced along their autism journey. Our course material has been reviewed by a broad range of autistic and non-autistic professionals, and parents with direct lived experience of autism.


We're very proud to have created an informational and practical resource for parents and families that supports such a positive, comprehensive, and experienced based view of autism.

The course is incredibly good value at only $189 and covers everything you need to know to give you a solid understanding of Autism (in only 90 minutes) and can help you prepare for the diagnostic and assessment process by understanding what autism is, and how your child processes information and understands the world.


The course covers the following topics:


1.    What Autism Is and Isn't

2.    Developmental Differences

3.    Understanding Behaviour as Communication

4.    Sensory Differences

5.    Cognitive Differences

6.    Managing Anxiety and Meltdowns

7.    Helping Others Understand Autism

8.    Setting Boundaries for Success

9.    Advocating for Your Child


You can book by clicking on the course title at the top of the page. We do offer a 100% money back guarantee, so there is no risk involved in enrolling, and so much to gain.

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